Who We Are?

Consumer basic needs are constantly changing in line with age and technological developments. Today, when the need for communication and access to information has reached a considerably high point, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) now have to provide almost zero-latency data communication and manage their networks autonomously to overcome high demands and meet the utmost in terms of user experience of their customers. The telecom industry is going through significant changes driven by 5G, IoT, Cloud Computing and Open RAN. Right at this point, Innovile empowers CSPs’ network orchestration and network optimization challenges by enabling end-to-end software platforms; Configuration Management (CM), Self-Organizing Network (SON), Performance Management (PM), and Fault Management (FM) to achieve the best user experience. Since 2005, Innovile has proven itself to be a trusty solution and network service assurance provider that helps CSPs to transform their networks by reducing OPEX and CAPEX, maximizing efficiency, boosting customer experience, and thereby increasing profit.

Our Vision is

to be the first choice solution provider for telecom operators to maximise their network efficiency and performance.

Our Mission is

maximizing network quality and efficiency through state-of-the-art technologies enhanced with our added-value experience in the communications industry.

Our Values are

commitment & passion simplify & solve, integrity and being one-team with our partners and clients.

Simplified Network Operations

The prevalent issues covering the multi-vendor and multi-technology environment are apt to create complex management issues with the existing 2G, 3G, and LTE technologies along with CSPs’ new 5G RAN adoption requirement. Innovile helps CSPs to overcome these complexities and enables a unified operating environment with well thought-out user interface design and expert knowledge. The scalable and flexible network optimization platforms of Innovile generate extensive amounts of OPEX & CAPEX savings while doubling operational efficiency by continuous monitoring and performance improvement.

Model Based Configuration

Innovile provides the best of breed solutions with its custom and easy-to-use measures even for complex networks. Model based configuration is one of the key differentiators of Innovile’s solutions as modifications and new functionalities are easy to implement within a shorter period of time compared to industry standards. Innovile assists CSPs to create successful client-roadmap integration by providing a world class support for the best network orchestration.

Zero-touch AI Driven Networks

Incorporating with Innovile’s network optimization solutions, Innovile developed network systems with AI and ML algorithms to computerize the functionalities that will meet the goals of CSPs’ self-organizing, self-healing, and self-optimizing requirements. While the Performance Management solution takes snapshots of the network and statistically reflects the existing network problems, the Configuration Management, on the other hand, helps CSPs to configure and manage the network with predictive correction actions and zero-touch network operations for complex daily activities. Innovile empowered its Self-Organizing Network platform with AI and ML algorithms to provide fully automated, flexible, and end-to-end network optimization solutions to enable a superior network performance for CSPs. The Self-Organizing Network platform runs on open architecture to instantly establish correct neighbour relations, determine frequency and code optimization in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, make consistency-check and auto correction, coverage and capacity optimization, and balance the mobility load. It also provides auto plug and play elements, self-healing, energy saving and mobility robustness optimization with its rich dashboard interface and graphical reports. The Fault Management solution provides monitoring for real time network problems and takes immediate actions for known alarms and issues to solve them immediately while these alarms are added to AI library for future automation and network orchestration.