Network Design and Planning

The zero-latency feature of 5G is promising new opportunities in different sectors from health, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, agriculture, and drone supported hard task operations to many more others. The backbones of all these sectors will rely on 5G network architecture. Design and planning are critical mainstreams for a robust network optimization and management. Absence of a successful design may result in higher CAPEX -OPEX due to re-engineering and planning costs. Whether a stand-alone or a heterogeneous 5G network configuration will be deployed by the CSPs, Innovile is ready to realize it with its globally proven 5G network design and planning services through Innovile Self-Organizing Network (SON) platforms seamlessly and with the lowest cost possible. The Innovile Self Organizing Network and Configuration Management Platforms provide support for 2G, 3G, 4G network operations and is fully capable of orchestrating 5G. The platform seamlessly accommodates multiple technology layers and brings the best possible quality of experience by using automatic neighbor optimization as well as coverage and capacity optimization modules. Network operations and Configuration Management solutions of Innovile boosts customer user experience and CSPs quality of service at legacy and new technologies.

Network Success Parameters:
Plan & Validate & Optimize & Heal

Planning 5G deployment locations in coordination with 4G is an essential backbone of the entire network architecture. The validation of 5G clusters is extremely critical before set-up, and virtual drive test analysis should be done to prevent performance problems. Data traffic will grow exponentially after launch and will need advanced and continuous optimization. Consistency Check & Auto Correction (CAC) and Self-Healing is extremely important for automated problem detection and resolution. With 25 years of experience in network management behind, Innovile Self Organizing Network Platform is ready to assist and to provide consultancy to CSPs during all the set-up stages of 5G network.