Fault Management

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Boosting Network Quality

Continuous and uninterrupted connectivity is vital for consumers and businesses. Delays in service or critical failures on network availability can cause churns for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Innovile Fault Management (FM) Platform helps CSPs to detect, report, automate, correlate, and rectify network faults from a single dashboard before these faults negatively affect the Quality of Service (QoS).

Machine Learning – Root Cause Analysis

Multi-vendor/multi-technology Innovile fault management platform is designed to access data from sources such as network elements, legacy fault management systems, and/or centralized data lakes and to deliver the acquired data nearly real-time to the consolidated alarm management system. The Rule Generation tool of fault management platform solves known repetitive alarms automatically, associating the events coming from one element in order not to congest the system with multiple alarms from the same source. The Machine Learning Root Cause Analysis (ML-RCA) algorithm of Innovile fault management platform assists CSPs to deeply identify the root of the problems and historically analyze, correlate, and group the alarms.

Coordination with Performance and Configuration Management

Innovile fault management platform works in coordination with performance management and configuration management solutions to deliver a comprehensive overview of network performance to CSPs. The FM Platform has built in alarms which continuously check the platform health in case a technical issue occurs. It displays service availability status, target connectivity, database health and performs server-based checks such as free space, memory, CPU, etc. Innovile fault management platform also enables custom alarms to be defined such as missing data, executed command errors, KPI based alarms, and manual intervention needs.

Reporting and Self-Healing

Innovile FM platform automatically informs the CSPs by creating ticket, sending SMS, e-mail and/or simply presenting such notices on the NOC/SOC dashboards. The FM Platform easily detects the outliers, upcoming problems by assigning trend and anomaly scores. It executes self-healing processes by generating/sending scripts to rectify these problems automatically or semi-automatically.

  • Improves quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) by diagnosing customer impacting faults

  • Helps to classify, prioritize, and focus important alarms

  • Automates resolution processes

  • Empowers fast troubleshooting on critical faults

  • Enables fast forwarding of messages to the NOC/SOC teams

  • Creates trouble tickets

  • Enables to centralize, correlate and reduce faults

  • Generates reports on outages, locations, resources, historical alarms, trouble tickets, open tickets, closed tickets, related tickets, etc. through its user friendly dashboard

  • Works in coordination with Innovile CM and Innovile PM platforms

  • Uses ML Root Cause Analysis algorithms to quickly locate the source of the problems and reduce MTTR (Mean-Time-To-Resolution) by eliminating unnecessary alarms and prioritizing high impact faults.