Performance Management

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The Innovile Performance Management Platform takes quick snapshots of the network and reflects the existing problems statistically at the RAN/UTRAN, Transport and Core levels through a vendor-independent and multi-technology environment (2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G). Innovile Performance Management increases the visibility of mobile network layer performance via an open environment and Vendor KPI modeling provides simplicity and stability and helps to perform better visualization to troubleshoot network problems accurately and quickly. The Communication Service Providers (CSP) can easily have full performance control over the network by immediate detection of performance degradation on the nodes. The Innovile PM platform proactively helps to gather warnings and incident detections before problems occur by staying coordinated with Configuration Management and Fault Management data for a holistic view of the entire network.

The Platform enables crowdsourcing data with GIS map support to analyse system performance easily and quickly by means of extensive statistics. The agile software development feature of the PM Platform is empowered with DevOps to help CSPs match the KPI requirements instantly. The Innovile PM Platform allows secure connection of external APIs for them to access screening of all KPI changes, and also, it allows platform users to track such changes with a simplified and unified dashboard in order to pinpoint all network problems from a single screen. The best of breed PM software of Innovile helps to match CSPs’ proactive KPI metrics by achieving up to 25% performance boost. Driving actionable insights takes only 2-3 clicks through comprehensive reports and a simplified dashboard for Telecom Engineers.

Innovile Performance Management Modules

The Innovile Performance Management solution consists of Trends, Reports, and Worst Cell modules to help CSPs match the KPI targets and boost network performance through an easy-to-use dashboard.


The Trend module helps to visualize all KPI indicators at every level of the network (RAN, Core, Transport); provides advanced chart options with multiple views; enables a wide variety of resolution preferences as hour, busy hour, day, week, or month, and makes “busy hour” calculation of nodes according to the traffic and loads.


The Report module generates intelligent reports by supporting all types of vendor data, by providing easy exporting tools, filtering, and sorting the data with one click, and by implementing private or shared reports.

Worst Cell

The Worst Cell module easily troubleshoots and lists the worst performing nodes, analyses them on the map, and sends to the work area to make detailed analyses on the spot.

  • Provides comprehensive mobile network “multi-layer performance management” solution.

  • Intuitive interface allows for easy access to performance management metrics including Oracle-powered program performance.

  • Creates and adds new reports rapidly with modular program structure. Enables exporting files and monitors through a dashboard.

  • Simplified database structure saves administrators’ time.

  • Provides control over network by getting private and shared template control for Node, Function and Workspace selections.

  • Monitors and manages Core, Transport and Radio Access network elements.

  • Helps to drive actionable insights through comprehensive reports and user friendly, understandable dashboards.

  • Compares statistics and parameters, and monitors mobile network performance to see KPI shifts.

  • Enables KPI improvement based on real customer measurements and traces.

  • Immediate detection of anomalies and performance degradation on any node/network gives full control over the performance of the entire network with dedicated emails and SMS.

  • Interactive display of KPIs on the map visually supports decisions of Optimization and Performance Monitoring Engineers, reduces work-time for executive experts, and allows CSPs’ investments at the right time, in the right direction.

  • Improves network performance by 15% – 25% as a result of correcting inconsistencies within the network.

  • Improves efficiency of time and resources with click-to-run custom performance reports.

  • GIS shows all KPI’s on satellite view map as static thematic or dynamic movie.

  • Comprehensive reports and statistics help to design zero-touch autonomous network architecture by AI driven algorithms for Configuration Management and Self-Organizing Network software platforms of Innovile.