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Innovile Mobile Network Managed Services – Cost-Effective Network Management Services For Mobile Networks From The Leading Telecoms Managed Services Provider

Innovile Mobile Network Managed Services delivers our independent expertise and software as a comprehensive and integrated solution to all your network management requirements. Whether you need extensive or focused managed services, you can leverage Innovile’s proven solutions and resources to deliver significant ongoing value-add to all aspects of your business.

Our turnkey Telecom Network Managed Services unlocks our deep expertise in designing, building, managing, operating, and optimizing mobile networks and guarantees independent governance and performance management throughout. Your stakeholders and customers will see the difference.

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Fully Managed
We can manage whole departments, functions, or teams for complete peace of mind with agreed service levels and goals
Hybrid/Partially Managed
Functional integration with your own resources to optimize skill distribution and operational flexibility
Augmenting existing functions with specialist Innovile skills, knowledge, and/or software to help maximize asset and operational performance
True Partnership Model
As a Network Managed Services provider, we don’t just deliver on the subject, we build lasting, trusted, and independent relationships you can count on.
Managed Network Services in Mobile Telecoms

What Are Managed Network Services In Mobile Telecoms?

Managed network services in mobile telecoms are services provided by a third-party managed service provider (MSP) like Innovile that undertake the continuous monitoring, maintenance, and performance optimization of mobile networks on behalf of an MNO. Depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA), managed service can cover a broad range of tasks or specific ones. For example, a client can contract Innovile to undertake network performance optimization, fault management, or a more comprehensive range of functions. Companies contract Managed Services Providers like Innovile because of the specialized nature of their teams and software, plus the deep expertise they bring that often supersedes internal engineering team capabilities.

Benefits Of Partnering With Innovile As A Network
Managed Services Provider

Innovile Managed Network Services brings deep expertise and years of experience in R&D, technical analysis, and business experience in building, operating, optimizing, and managing mobile networks. We work with teams that require enhanced skills to manage specific network management functions or that choose to focus their existing resources on other priorities.
Innovile’s software stack, consisting of the INNTELLIGENT SON, INNSPECT fault manager, INNSPIRE configuration manager, and INNSIGHT performance manager, underpin our mobile Network Management Services, bringing a comprehensive managed service solution that can meet even the most demanding CTO and network management requirements. Innovile also offers SMART Projects that deliver targeted results regarding network fault management, network audit, health check, and network optimization as a solution-as-a-service project.

NOC and engineering teams can resolve issues faster by utilizing our Mobile Network Managed Services. With extensive experience and expertise from handling multiple large projects globally, our engineering team can help clients plan and deploy better, troubleshoot, and resolve network issues faster and more efficiently, significantly reducing MttR and boosting the quality of service (QoS).

Innovile Mobile Network Managed Services can significantly lower network operation costs by reducing the need to hire more full-time resources. Innovile can render managed services as full-time or fractional support based on your network management requirements. Our services streamline your network operations, unlocking sizable efficiency-based cost savings.

Innovile Managed Network Services combine our team’s expertise with advanced network management software products and solutions, delivering better network performance at all network layers and across all domains. Our team can augment your NOC and engineering teams and help accelerate their efforts, improving efficiency and boosting overall productivity.

Innovile offers integrated 360-degree network management solutions delivered as a comprehensive independent managed service solution. Our software is vendor-agnostic which means we can drive the best from our network architecture without fear of compromise. Our engineers are skilled in multi-vendor and multi-technology deployments, connecting the dots and driving efficiency. On-site or remote options ensure a service commitment that meets all network management requirements. Innovile Mobile Network Managed Services is a one-stop shop for MNOs seeking a high-performance network Managed Services Provider that works for your network across your technology and vendor profile.

Key Features of Innovile Managed Network Services

Proven Industry Experts

Innovile Mobile Network Managed Services delivers world-class services through a team of proven industry experts with experience designing, building, operating, and optimizing networks worldwide. MNOs can trust Innovile to provide exceptional services while supporting and empowering their internal engineering teams through in-depth knowledge services and professional customer relations.

Integrated Software

Innovile’s solution stack includes INNSPIRE Configuration Manager, INNSPECT Fault Manager, INNSIGHT Performance Manager, and INNTELLIGENT Self-organizing Network Manager, all of which are available to managed service customers. The combination of software  and an experienced Managed Services Provider engineering team makes us an excellent option for MNOs looking for an all-inclusive mobile network management services. 

Flexible Terms & SLAs

Innovile offers flexible commercial and SLA terms to accommodate diverse customer needs. Our Managed Network Services can be configured to match your network management needs, focusing on specific interventions or activities or covering a broader set of network management service requirements. Innovile can also provide fractional or full-time mobile network management services depending on MNO requirements. 

Adaptable Service & Solutions Structure

Innovile Mobile Network Managed Services are adaptable to specific MNO needs. For instance, an MNO facing challenges with network fault management can request only network fault management managed services from Innovile. As MNO needs change, the focus can shift to network optimization or configuration management, depending on the pressing needs an MNO faces. 

Expert Network Managed Services from Innovile

The following are Managed Services examples, but we cater to all needs and customize the services accordingly. Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Step-by-Step Mobile Network Design and Planning

Step-by-Step Mobile Network Design and Planning

Innovile undertakes mobile network design and planning as a managed service, including whole system architecture and design, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G network dimensioning, parameter configuration planning, coverage and interference analysis, transmission network topology and frequency planning, core network dimensioning, and traffic modeling for all domains, among others.

Mobile Network Orchestration and Configuration Management

Mobile Network Orchestration and Configuration Management

Tune up your mobile network with Innovile’s network orchestration and configuration management services. The solution addresses crucial configuration components like cell, carrier, and technology-based neighbor relations, parameter status, license, and capacity status, OSS definitions, enterprise, and site database definitions and comparisons with field, feature status and associated parameters. network/technology/domain/node-based health-checks, IMSI-based UE model types in network analysis, and SWAP operations support.

Round-the-Clock Mobile
Network Operations

Round-the-Clock Mobile Network Operations

Innovile Managed Network Services include 24/7 network operations covering essential network functions including customer complaint network investigations, KPI alarm management, monitoring, reporting, analyzing and troubleshooting network KPIs, network alarm management, network capacity management, monitoring and optimization (all domains), network operation management, and new technology trial and analysis support and reporting, among others.

Radio Access Network
(RAN) Measurement and Reporting

Radio Access Network (RAN) Measurement and Reporting

Innovile Managed Network Services provides MNOs with a big-picture single-pane-of-glass view on network operations and performance, streamlining network management and empowering superior network performance. Innovile RAN measurement and reporting services to include single site, route, cluster, city, etc.-based drive-testing, operator, technology, grid, carrier, etc.-based benchmark testing, and relevant RAN performance analysis and reporting.

Mobile Network
Performance Optimization

Mobile Network Performance Optimization

Leverage Innovile’s Mobile Network Managed Service mobile network performance optimization solution to scale up your mobile network for better performance. The solution covers critical areas like network coverage optimization, capacity improvement, network quality, performance monitoring, and optimization, periodic consistency checks and parameter analysis, and quality assurance of own or outsourced operations, among others.

Network Management

Self-Organizing Network Management

Innovile INNTELLIGENT Self-Organizing Network (SON) can power crucial network operation functions, including ANR (Automatic Neighbor Relation), CAC (Consistency Audit and Correction), CCO (Coverage and Capacity Optimization), and BCCH, PSC, and PSI optimization. Innovile can deliver SON as a managed service or target specific improvements through our SMART Projects.


Mobile network performance optimization is the continuous process of analyzing network data to determine and implement performance improvements. Constant incremental network tuning improves network quality and releases greater value from assets deployed. Network performance optimization improves customer experience and loyalty, reduces the cost of operations, and negates unnecessary asset procurement.

Network optimization is best undertaken as an automated process enabled by the Zero-Touch Network suite from Innovile.

A Network Management System is a software layer of a telecoms network that interfaces to network elements enabling their configuration and operation. A telecoms NMS reduces the need for disparate management interfaces, reducing complexity and costs.

Innovile’s range of software includes Self-Organizing Networks, Configuration, Fault and Performance Management; our Zero-touch Network NMS.

The Open RAN (O-RAN) network concept developed as a natural evolution of a traditional Radio Access Network (RAN) in the context of emerging Software Defined Networking (SDN), cloud computing technologies, and 5G networks. Open RAN provides design and operability standards that enable vendor-neutral network architectures. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can combine suppliers based on specific needs with the assurance of interoperability between network elements. Open RAN also introduces improved automation to core network functions.

Innovile solutions cater to Open RAN architectures and help to simplify and optimize network design, planning, deployment, and operations.

SON is a set of components and functions that automate network configuration, performance optimization, fault diagnostics, and self-healing of mobile telecoms/cellular networks at the macro-and micro-level. Self-Organizing Network (SON) can power crucial network operation functions, including ANR (Automatic Neighbor Relation), CAC (Consistency Audit and Correction), CCO (Coverage and Capacity Optimization), and BCCH, PSC, and PSI optimization.

INNTELLIGENT SON forms the basis of the Innovile Zero-touch Network Automation suite.

Network orchestration is the process of arranging and actioning necessary tasks to set up and operate a mobile network. There are usually many complex activities and parameters that need attention for a network to function. A network controller or network management system will often be deployed to simplify and automate network orchestration.

Innovile’s Zero-touch Network Automation suite provides the software to enable automated or hybrid-manual network orchestration across vendors and technologies.

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