Optimizing Mobile Networks with Zero-Touch Network Automation

Zero-touch automated networks are the future of mobile network operations. Able to self-provision, self-diagnose, and self-heal, autonomous networks empower MNOs to improve operational accuracy, streamline processes, and increase service agility while minimizing customer churn and achieving a competitive edge in a crowded market.

The TeleManagement Forum (TMF) is championing the autonomous networks cause. With the massive growth in connected devices happening right now, automation is an essential component of MNO digitalization strategies. Success in competitive environments will critically depend on the level of automation achieved.

Innovile’s Zero-Touch Network Automation suite delivers autonomous network capability that meets the TMF Autonomous Networks Level Four “High” parameters.

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Artificial intelligence

Cutting-edge Machine Learning and proprietary algorithms to analyze huge data landscapes and determine optimal actions automatically in real-time.

Work flows

Automation-first work-flows can be modified to include human intelligence and inputs as required based on configurable rules.


Integrating across all network elements irrespective of technology and vendor to harmonize whole-network performance automatically.

Modular architecture

Capacity to build your autonomous network capability at the pace and with the priorities you need.

What Is Zero Touch Network Automation?

Zero-touch network automation reduces the need for human intervention at various levels of network management operations. The core features of zero-touch automated network management are self-provisioning (network configuration), self-healing (network fault management), and self-diagnosing (network optimization).

What Is an Autonomous Network?

What Is an Autonomous Network?

An autonomous network configures, monitors, troubleshoots, heals, and optimizes (maintains) itself. Fully autonomous networks require no human intervention (TMF Level 5). Currently, most networks prefer to include some degree of human intervention across critical functions. However, as confidence in network automation capability increases, many MNO’s will evolve towards Level 5 Full Autonomy.

What is Network Automation?

What is Network Automation?

Network automation is the software that enables telecommunications networks to automatically configure, optimize and manage network elements and associated devices reducing or eliminating human engagement.

What is Zero-touch Automation?

What is Zero-touch Automation?

Zero-touch automation delivers a network state that has human oversight only, typically for planning, setup and exceptions, and all day-to-day network management & optimization needs are conducted autonomously. Once implemented, zero touch network automation can execute hours of network management tasks in just minutes, error-free.

Zero Touch Automated Network Key Features

Innovile INNSPIRE enables self-provisioning and configuration capabilities, delivering faster, more accurate, cost-effective network inventory management.

INNTELLIGENT SON is at the heart of our autonomous network solution ensuring network learning, monitoring and correlations, and delivery of automated processes like node integration, parameter compliance, neighbor optimization, and code optimization. INNTELLIGENT manages all other components to maximize autonomy.

Our network fault management component, INNSPECT, detects network issues, defining triage parameters like impact, timeline, correlations, and leading dimensions like geography, node, and domain, applying real-time automated fixes.

Innovile INNSIGHT performance management monitors, simplifies and automates performance optimization processes like tracking KPI trends, anomaly detection, correlation, and GIS data tracking.

Key Features of Zero Touch Automated Network

5G Zero-Touch Networks – The Future of Mobile Networks Is Here and Now

5G promises faster speeds, lower latency, better network resource utilization, and increased capacity. For MNOs, 5G is both an opportunity and a challenge.

Opportunity lies in delivering faster speeds to customers, providing new use cases and value add, and lowering costs due to better spectrum utilization. Challenges include increased network complexity, enhanced network management requirements, and greater demand to deliver ultra-low latency and high reliability while resolving network issues faster.

5G zero touch networking plays a critical role in unlocking 5G’s potential. Increased network autonomy, AI/ML-driven processes, and faster MttR are core requirements for MNOs rolling out 5G networks. Innovile’s Zero-touch Network Automation suite delivers 5G network automation capabilities across the entire network stack, better preparing MNOs to capitalize on the emerging 5G revolution while lowering costs and boosting operational efficiency.

Innovile INNTELLIGENT Self Organizing Network Solution – Accelerating the Transition to Zero-Touch Network Automation

Innovile’s INNTELLIGENT SON empowers MNOs to achieve Level 4 autonomous network state across the full scope of network operations management; deployment, configuration, maintenance, and optimization.

Innovile INNSPIRE Automated Network Configuration Management System – Empowering Zero-Touch Network Automation

Modern zero touch network operations require millions of configuration changes to guarantee network and service performance and quality. Innovile INNSPIRE Automated Network Configuration Management System empowers MNOs to seamlessly, accurately, and efficiently manage integrations, parameter changes and inconsistencies in thousands of sites. 

Accelerate Transition with INNTELLIGENT

Network Automation and Zero-Touch Networks Best Practices


Utilize an automation-first design approach to network automation, delivering end-to-end automation across all network layers.

Forward and Backward

Make sure Zero-touch Network solutions guarantee backward compatibility with legacy network resources and forward compatibility with next-generation technologies, guaranteeing network wide automation compatibility.


Apply cloud-native architecture across all its components, including interfaces, protocols, data models, and APIs.


Zero-touch service management solutions should have in-built 5G readiness to deploy technologies like network slicing, which is crucial in implementing 5G in ultra-low latency and high-reliability use-case scenarios.

Innovile Zero Touch Network Automation Benefits

Benefits of Implementing Innovile Zero-Touch Network Automation

Innovile combines a comprehensive and advanced network automation suite with superior service management and engineering experience to deliver best-in-class autonomous network solutions.

Through our network automation software products and services, MNOs can expect to gain significant benefits, including:

  • Better customer and operational resource experience
  • Significantly reduced service management cost
  • Enhanced speed of operation
  • Improved network reliability
  • Better quality of operation
  • Greater flexibility and future proofing

Zero Touch Networks Use Cases and References

Turkey’s second-largest mobile communication company with over 23.4 million subscribers, needed to increase network availability, quality, agility, and security for a better user experience. They wanted to achieve this by automating configuration to reduce OPEX and to achieve a vendor and technology-neutral operational platform that automates day-to-day operational tasks in eleven regions of Turkey.

Innovile implemented its state-of-the-art INNSPIRE Configuration Management (CM) software as MNO’s new Operation Platform, eliminating the need for in-house scripts like RAN-NOC and multiple OSS-related tools by automating the operations process and reducing operational expertise dependency. Innovile also developed tailor-made Transmission and Core network modules to fit MNO’s specific needs.
MNO achieved operational excellence with the support of Innovile INNSPIRE which worked on thirty-six main functions of the network and improved operational efficiency by 90%. Network availability also improved by eliminating operational mistakes, preventing unnecessary service interruptions, and reducing planned outage durations.

Network quality was also enhanced by bringing standardization on parameters and configurations, customizing regional settings, and eliminating improper definitions. MNO operationally automated 60% of the change types and gained 2000+ person-hours per month. Innovile’s solution freed MNO from vendor-centric software and enabled them to focus expert knowledge on the most complex engineering tasks rather than regular daily operational tasks.


An autonomous network configures, troubleshoots, heals, and optimizes itself using AI and ML. Truly autonomous networks are complicated, dynamic, and autonomous, requiring no human intervention across critical functions like execution, awareness, analysis, decision, and intent/experience.

Network automation introduces zero-touch network management capabilities into a network using advanced AI and ML-driven network management technologies.

Zero-touch automation operationalizes automated network orchestration workflows, replacing all manual network management touchpoints with AI/ML processes. Once implemented, zero-touch automation can execute hours of network management tasks in just minutes, error-free.

The key features of network automation are:

  • Self-Provisioning
  • Self-Organizing
  • Self-Healing
  • Self-Optimizing
Zero-touch Network automation empowers NOCs to achieve better outcomes with limited engineering resources. Simplification and automation of crucial network management processes like configuration, fault, and performance management reduce direct involvement of NOC engineers, increasing network orchestration efficiency and accuracy.
Increased network autonomy, AI/ML-driven processes, and faster MttR are core requirements for MNOs rolling out 5G networks. Anticipated challenges include enhanced network management requirements, and greater demand to deliver ultra-low latency and high reliability while resolving network issues faster.
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