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Innovile’s broad expertise and experience offer strategic insights that can help drive innovation in network operations while empowering NOCs to achieve better outcomes with existing assets. Our Network Assurance Consulting services extend across all aspects of mobile network design and management, including advisory and training services for NOC engineers. Innovile consultants can develop holistic network strategies or focus on specific network elements and components for optimization purposes. Our industry experts bring extensive knowledge in Network Assurance Consulting and can work within flexible delivery schedules to craft solutions that meet your requirements.

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Challenges In Network Design And Planning


Configuration management challenges emerge when MNOs are faced with configuring millions of devices and inventory elements without the right tools or strategies. Innovile Network Assurance Consulting brings tremendous expertise in analyzing network configuration challenges, developing strategic solutions, and providing concrete steps for implementation.

Fault Management

Inefficient fault management can slow down NOC operations, reduce network quality and result in end-user churn if not adequately addressed and resolved. Innovile Service Assurance Consulting delivers expert analysis of fault management workflows and technologies, providing crucial insights into improving fault management and delivering better outcomes to end users.

Performance Management

Analyzing performance across the core, transmission, and access layers can uncover crucial details that might compromise overall network performance. Innovile Consulting can introduce much-needed expertise in deconstructing and understanding performance-related issues while proposing performance management remedies that deliver better results.

Multi-vendor Ecosystem

Multi-vendor ecosystems often create data silos and can create network inconsistencies. NOCs using multi-vendor platforms to manage such ecosystems undergo reduced productivity and efficiency. Innovile Service Assurance Consulting can provide input on the best way to integrate such multi-vendor ecosystems using unified tools and platforms.

Common Network Quality Assurance and Service Issues Faced by Mobile Telecom Network Operators

Complex Networks
Network complexity is an increasing challenge for MNOs as new technologies come into play (like 5G) and online devices substantially increase with expanding IoT and M2M devices. Innovile Consulting’s cross-purpose expertise offers a bridge between current NOC capabilities and the next level of network management solutions driven by AI and ML technologies capable of managing even the most complex networks.
Increasing Competition
With increased competition comes the need to deliver on KPIs round the clock. MNOs cannot afford to experiment with solutions in the hope of getting it right by luck. Innovile Service Assurance Consulting provides MNOs a competitive edge by helping them develop and deploy network management solutions faster and more accurately, meeting demanding KPIs and retaining customers.
Evolving Customer Demands
Customer demands are evolving as technologies like 5G and IoT emerge. End-user needs are also changing as use cases for low-latency high-speed networks emerge. Innovile has the expertise, experience, and technology to help MNOs transition their networks and other infrastructure to better meet these and other demands.
Network Future Readiness
Future networks will be autonomous, zero-touch, and utilize a centralized structure to handle billions of devices. MNOs must prepare by future-proofing their networks and developing strategies to capitalize on this massive opportunity. Innovile consultants are on hand to guide MNOs on best practices and leading-edge innovations that can deliver these results.

How Network Management and Service Assurance Experts Help 

Innovile consultants work closely with clients to understand their requirements and outline specific deliverables with associated KPI matrices. 

Our industry experts bring decades of experience and knowledge, having developed solutions for a wide range of telecom companies globally. 

Innovile consultants provide full transparency at every step of the consultancy process, enabling clients to understand the process and make data-driven decisions based on outcomes. 

We consider each project a close collaboration with the client. Our network consultants maintain constant, precise, and updated customer communications, guaranteeing maximum project visibility.

Innovile Quality Assurance Consulting services are purely value-driven. All recommendations, solutions, and proposals consist of well-defined value propositions directly tied to your KPIs. 

Innovile consultants always ensure all proposals and recommendations balance value and cost, ensuring all outcomes favor the customer’s commercial expectations. 

Mutual performance, though optional, can be a valuable tool in scenarios where both parties can benefit from favorable outcomes. Innovile consultants can provide more details on gainsharing on request.

Network Management and Service Assurance Consulting Services from Innovile

Network Strategy

MNOs must continue ensuring that their 3G and 4G networks evolve to adapt and cope with growing mobile traffic demands. Innovile Quality Assurance Consulting helps CSPs continue to address and monetize existing network use cases while preparing for the future by having an evolutionary path to 5G and beyond in place today.

Network Planning

Innovile consultants bring in-depth knowledge and domain expertise to whole system architecture and design projects covering coverage and interference analysis, transmission network topology and frequency planning, core network dimensioning, and traffic modeling for all domains. We provide practical, functional, and detailed plans that your team can implement with or without our help.

Network Transformation

As 5G adoption accelerates, coinciding with the introduction of innovative mobile network technologies like virtual RAN, open RAN, edge networking, and network automation, MNOs must have a solid network transformation plan. Innovile Consulting can offer guidance on network transformation, ensuring little to no service downtime, seamless transitions, and high quality of service score.

Network Performance Improvement and Optimization

Innovile Quality Assurance Consulting helps MNOs deliver better network performance through targeted improvement and optimization initiatives. Some of the network performance areas we address are KPI alarm management, quality, and performance monitoring, new technology trial and analysis, periodic consistency checks and parameter analysis, and quality assurance of own or outsourced operations

 Business Process Re-engineering

Innovile consultants can unlock functional performance improvements by reviewing team operations and identifying changes that result in improved efficiency and effectiveness. Our team can also undertake process development and optimization, from the initial design and creation of processes that ensure optimized performance to uncovering bottlenecks and analyzing rapid change options.

 Network Operations Transformation

The Innovile team can provide technical support and expertise in transforming NOC operations to improve efficiency and enhance productivity. We can undertake NOC engineer training on new technologies and offer knowledge transfer workshops to retool and upskill NOC engineers for better performance.

Emerging Technologies

Innovile consultants have expertise in emerging technologies like 5G, network slicing, virtual RAN, open RAN, edge networking, and network automation. They can act as a bridge for MNOs as they transition operations and infrastructure to these new technologies, saving time and money that would have been spent hiring new engineers or upskilling current personnel.


Innovile offers diverse training options for NOC users and administrators, ranging from basic/overview training to in-depth domain expertise training on topics ranging from network technologies to network operations and business-case planning. Our team can be deployed anywhere in the world to provide in-person training or deliver it through online workshops and webinars.


SQM is the process of ensuring targeted quality in the delivery of telecommunications services to customers. A total SQM encompasses all aspects of the customer journey including network, billing, customer care, and so on. Collectively, SQM components assure better customer experience and, therefore, loyalty.

Innovile supports SQM with software and services to ensure excellent network quality and performance.

Telecom network quality assurance is a subset of Service Quality Management (SQM) and focuses on maintaining the quality of network performance to improve customer experience and satisfaction. Quality Assurance helps MNOs deliver better network performance through targeted improvement and optimization initiatives, for example by reducing dropped-call rates, and improving data speeds, coverage and connection quality.

Innovile’s consulting expertise is available to plan and optimize network assurance. Our software helps to automate much of the necessary improvements, for example INNSIGHT Network Performance Management together with INNSPIRE Network Configuration Management help MNOs achieve excellent Quality Assurance performance metrics.

Digital transformation in telecommunications usually means realizing structural and digital technology changes across the business. These changes are typically aimed at improving service and reducing costs, and may include:

  • Establishment of virtualized communications and cloud infrastructure, transition to uniformly regulated security to transform into a data centric organization,
  • transition to open API platform architecture, providing a diverse portfolio of digital services
  • to take part in multiple partner ecosystems, use of more than one business model in core and adjacent markets,
  • Adopting more than one channel in the market
  • Moving to 360-degree multi-channel management Innovile helps MNOs to digitally transform their networks with open API platforms, cloud infrastructure, multi-vendor, multi-technology network optimization, and orchestration software and services to achieve MNOs’ performance targets.
  • virtualized network and cloud technology IT infrastructure optimized use of APIs for component connectivity, enabling technology to remain dynamic
  • planning and implementing Open-RAN architectures to assure optimized quality and cost
  • maximum automation of network and customer journey interfaces
  • offering a portfolio of digital services to consumer and business customers
  • adopting and enhancing direct and indirect digital channels for sales,
  • service, and self-care

  • focus on data insights as a primary tool in understanding and addressing customer, market, and operational needs

Innovile is the one-stop solution provider for MNOs to orchestrate complex networks with our zero-touch network automation suite of products INNTELLIGENT Self-Organizing Network, INNSPIRE Telecom Network Configuration Management, INNSIGHT Mobile Network Performance Monitoring and Management, and INNSPECT Telecom Network Fault Management software. Let us help you digitally transform your network.

Telecom network optimization starts with network design and planning and extends into network operations and maintenance as an ongoing optimization process. Network optimization helps release capacity form existing assets whilst raising performance standards that are recognized by customers. In short, network optimization delivers enhanced customer experience and a lower cost of operations.

Innovile’s market-leading RAN telecom network configuration management system INNSPIRE delivers outstanding live network provisioning results based on accurate, complete, and up-to-date network information. Our INNTELLIGENT SON automates much of the optimization effort towards zero-touch status.

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