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Configuration Management

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Simplify Network Management with Automation-Driven Innovile Configuration Management

The growing capacity requirements and developing new technologies like IoT, SDR, vRAN, 5G, zero-touch and OpenRAN are making network management and optimization increasingly complex. With multiple vendors and technologies in play, it is not always easy or cost-effective to simplify. To turn it into an easy task requires a lot of innovation to mask the real complexity behind.

Configuration Management (CM), one of the main challenges of the communication service providers, is a process for establishing and maintaining a network’s performance and quality. Innovile offers a comprehensive and cost-effective CM solution to simplify this critical process.

The traditional CM uses multiple vendors or in-house tools to manage the network. The Innovile CM, instead, enables clients to have a single point of contact with the whole network and allows commands to be executed independent of vendors, thus reducing management complexity and the hidden costs of having the much needed multiple management tools and expertise. With advanced user role and node management capabilities of Innovile CM platform, communication service providers can provide access to data for only the required nodes and functionalities. This type of access is the safest model for the communication service providers to manage their Operation Support System (OSS)/Network Management System (NMS) activities defined in 3GPP and TM Forum standards.

Innovile CM is an operation support system configuration management solution that manages integrations, parameter changes and inconsistencies for mobile communication service providers. The solution has a user-friendly web platform implemented as a transparent management solution covering all access technologies (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G).

Our objective as a solution provider is to make our solutions simple to run by handling the real complexity in the backend. The platform offers a vendor-independent operating interface that can be adapted to any operation support system vendor, network management system and enables any external open API integration.

Modular Structure of Innovile Configuration Management


Network Optimization

  • Monitors parameters
  • Generates intelligent reports
  • Enables Performance Management (PM) & Fault Management (FM) correlation
  • Makes license controls
  • Detects inconsistencies
  • Manages dashboards
  • Provides Map GIS support

Network Operation

  • Modifies parameter changes
  • Modifies neighbours according to operator strategy
  • Supports single or group parameter changes
  • Supports moving, deleting, creating any element
  • Enables Feature Activations
  • Enables PTN Operations
  • Makes Neighbour Management
  • Manages IP preparations

Node Integration

  • Manages New Site Integration
  • Creates SCF
  • Rehoming Operations
  • Enables Cell Rotate

Parameter Data Lake

  • Parameter database enables all Innovile CM’s powerful functions to work on a single data source containing both recent and historic data.

Change Request Management

  • Internal Change Request module connects all modules and enables different teams to work on a single platform.

Network Automation

  • Module triggering automated actions to minimize operational risks (by enabling reliable and error-free task execution while reducing process time)
  • Automatic Baseline Inconsistency Correction
  • Self-Healing
  • Self-Optimization

Parameter Compilance

  • Controls baseline inconsistencies
  • Checks forbidden & golden parameters
  • Enables version controls
  • Manages exception & freeze parameters

Innovile CM Benefits

  • Multi-vendor

  • Multi-technology

  • Unified operating environment

  • Well thought-out user interface design

  • Expert design knowledge

  • Client-roadmap integration

  • World-class support

  • Supporting services and expertise

  • Mobile compatible modern web interface

  • Multiple language support

  • Map (GIS) support

  • Advanced control panel and custom matching rules

  • Internal work order (ticket) system

  • Customizable dashboards

  • Automated, efficient and accurate radio network planning system

  • Unique algorithms for frequency scheduling, scrambling codes scheduling and search for neighbourhoods

  • Fast and easy integration via executable OSS and network management system commands

  • One platform for all network departments (RF, Transmission and BSS)

  • Comprehensive nonconformity assessment algorithms

  • Cross-validation of site statistics, parameters and hardware configuration

Advantages of the Innovile Configuration Management Solution

Generates Instant Inconsistency Reports

  • No manual Excel macros and data comparison tables
  • No SQL queries

Creates Daily Health Check Reports

  • Creates workspace
  • Schedules automated emails
  • Creates custom queries based on data from nodes, KPI statistics, and configuration management options

Reduces Network Operating Costs

  • Reduces LOE by more than 50% (in man-days) by automating routine manual operations
  • Eliminates maintenance and rework costs for heterogeneous tools, including in-house development
  • Enables automatic detection of configuration errors and rapid remediation – increases QoS, reduces equipment downtime
  • Provides low total cost of ownership (TCO) – low development cost

Easy Tracking of the History Parameter Changes

  • Generates quick reports on parameters and neighbours
  • Compares default parameters with live network
  • Simple user-friendly web interface for all vendors and technologies

Performs Planning and Integration of the New Nodes

  • Automatically integrates network elements upon activation of new base stations, including automatic scheduling of basic BS parameters and neighbour lists
  • Creates CDD for new nodes in 10 minutes

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