Automate network configuratioN and performance optimization with the
Self-Organizing Network (SON) solution

Zero-touch networks are now a reality with the SON solution from Innovile.

Innovile’s INNTELLIGENT SON solution works across 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks from all equipment vendors. We use predefined interfaces and connectors to integrate with any network or software component, including existing network optimization components in play. Our smart SON solution utilizes proprietary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to continuously track and adjust network configuration and parameters. INNTELLIGENT SON can be used for network operations augmentation or full automation: zero-touch networks. Simple, flexible, cost-effective network automation.

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Multi-vendor, multi-technology

Simplify and unify your network management with our future-proofed Self Organizing Network solution working across all network components.

Improve customer experience
Improve quality, reduce complaints, and keep your customers happy. Reduce dropped calls and connectivity failures by up to 20%.
reduce capex
Extend capacity, reduce CAPEX
Automated network configuration releases hidden capacity. Gain up to 25% more network capacity and 30% more throughput.
reduce opex
Automate to reduce OPEX
Reduce manual effort and optimize energy consumption. Get an immediate bottom-line impact.

What is a Self-Organizing Network (SON)?

Self-Organizing Network Definition:

A set of components and functions that automate network configuration, performance optimization, fault diagnostics, and self-healing of mobile telecoms/cellular networks at the macro-and micro-level.

Self Organizing Network Overview:

As networks evolve, equipment and software vendors increasingly recognize the need to help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) reduce network management complexity and costs. SON automates some or all the activities necessary to optimize quality and cost. Although vendors often provide their SON components, most networks have multi-technology, multi-vendor deployments that require an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) like Innovile to ensure a truly optimized cross-network state and simplified control.

Network Excellence with SON Solutions

What are the types of Self-Organizing Networks?

3 Types of SON
Distributed SON is where numerous automation components appear across the network, often provided by the equipment vendors. A distributed SON usually has the advantage of using real-time data meaning near-real-time actions for immediate results. However, distributed SON components may not integrate or collaborate across technologies or vendors to achieve true network optimization. Centralized SON is where a SON solution sits across multiple network components to analyze data and manage changes holistically. A centralized SON can analyze and optimize at the ‘big-picture’ level meaning overall results are generally better than distributed components. Hybrid SON is where both distributed and centralized SON components are deployed, with the centralized SON taking lead across the network. The Hybrid SON solution approach tends to work very well, utilizing vendor-specific tools as well as ISV innovation to optimize the entire network. Innovile’s INNTELLIGENT SON solution is technology and vendor agnostic and so tends to be deployed as a centralized or hybrid SON.

What does a Self-Organizing Network do? What benefits does SON bring?

SON works at both macro and micro levels in the mobile network. Broad configuration settings generally apply to major policies and tend to change less frequently. Specific component or function settings may be changed more frequently to optimize performance or heal problems in near-real-time. The degree of automation can be set and managed from low (manual interventions designed-in) to fully automated (zero-touch) networks. Often, low automation evolves towards full automation as confidence in the algorithms and results are proven: the SON tuning curve. Most Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) carry legacy technology and often employ more than one network vendor. With the increasing complexity of Radio Access Networks (RAN), SON enables an MNO to automatically and efficiently deliver optimum quality and capacity. Great network performance is sustained at a lower cost, improving return on investment.
Reduce OPEX and CAPEX, improving ROI
Increase network capacity by up to 25%
Decrease dropped call and connectivity-failure rate by up to 20%
Significant throughput improvements 15%-30%
Energy savings up to 5%
Single dashboard and near-real-time view of all network components

INNTELLIGENT: the leading Self-Organizing Network solution

INNTELLIGENT SON solution simplifies multi-technology and multi-vendor network management. Automated network configuration at macro-and micro-level ensures network performance optimization 24×7. Expert delivery ensures rapid and proven results.


See how Innovile can optimize your network with INNTELLIGENT Self Organizing Network

Self-Organizing Network Solution Architecture And Modules

INNTELLIGENT SON Solution Architecture & Modules

Enables automated configuration of cell relations at the base station level to optimize network quality and capacity.

Tracks network settings for inconsistencies and automatically corrects them when needed.

Focuses on an analysis of network optimizations such as over- and undershooting cells, congestion points, LAC/TAC assignments, and cross feeders, for automated change or manual review.

Optimizes the cell-to-cell handover of user devices, idle mode, and cell-reselection parameters improving dropped call/connection and handover (HO) rates.

Combines Fault Management (FM) and Performance Management. Components to detect and manage network performance degradation.

Enables automated analysis and adjustment of traffic settings to optimize throughput and power utilization. Ideal for managing network congestion and energy costs.

Simplifies and optimizes the new cell site setup by aligning settings considering the location, neighbor performance, codes, and parameters to the best-performance state.

Manages interference and code usage via automated algorithms applying changes to parameters such as BCCH/BSIC, TCH, PSC, PCI, and RSI.

Utilizes historic data to predict usage and adjust or suspend cells/carriers to save energy.

Operates in near-real-time and ensures optimum load and quality management during peak-demand events such as football games, concerts, or emergencies.

Using Artificial Intelligence in optimizing mobile telecoms networks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an ideal tool to analyze large volumes of network data and apply it to learning as knowledge improves. Continuous application of proprietary algorithms and machine learning-based AI enables self-optimizing network configuration. Improvements can be automatically applied via the INNTELLIGENT interfaces or used for manual review and update by the Network Operations Centre (NOC) or Network Engineering functions.
Using AI to Optimise Mobile Telecom Networks
Design & Delivery of SON Solution

Design and Delivery of the Self-Organizing Network Solution

Careful design and implementation are necessary to ensure optimum results from any SON solution. Innovile’s deep domain expertise is used in every project to help clients define and plan the best architecture, rollout plan, and operational strategy.

Always in close partnership with client resources, Innovile works quickly to prioritize implementation stages and configure connectors to the client’s network architecture. Network management policies and parameters are reviewed and fine-tuned accounting for benchmarked improvements known to be possible when implementing our INNTELLIGENT SON solution.

A phased rollout is used to test-and-train algorithms and AI to quickly align to the client’s chosen level of network autonomy. Following implementation, training and support services ensure optimized use. Or Innovile’s cost-effective Managed Services are used to maintain SON enabling the client to redeploy resources to other priority areas.

Real-world Applications of INNTELLIGENT's SON Modules

Area Code Optimizer
Efficient Resource Allocation in Urban Areas
The Area Code Optimizer, a key SON solution, optimizes area codes to enhance resource allocation. This self-organizing network module ensures that each area code efficiently handles peak loads, thus reducing call drops and improving overall network performance by analyzing user distribution and traffic patterns. It directly translates to a better user experience and more efficient network management.
Cross Finder
Identifying and Resolving Crossed Connections
The Cross Finder SON module identifies and rectifies instances of crossed connections. This solution is particularly useful in complex network environments where such issues can significantly impact service quality. By automatically detecting and correcting these anomalies, Cross Finder ensures seamless communication and enhanced user satisfaction.
Mobility Robustness Optimization
Reducing Call Drops During Transit
The Mobility Robustness Optimization SON network module ensures that users experience minimal call drops and interruptions while moving, especially in high-speed transit scenarios like trains or highways. This module optimizes handover parameters to maintain robust connections, providing a smooth communication experience for users on the move.
Coverage Optimization
Extending Network Reach in Rural Areas
The Coverage Optimization SON solution adjusts electrical tilts to enhance signal strength and coverage in highly populated cities and rural or underserved areas. By fine-tuning the network setup, this module ensures that even the most remote locations receive adequate coverage, improving accessibility and user experience. Additionally, addressing instances of excessive coverage helps balance network usage and prevents unnecessary signal interference.
Interference Detection
Minimizing Signal Interference in Dense Environments
The Interference Detection SON module is crucial in environments with high cell density, such as urban centers or event venues. This self-organizing network solution continuously monitors for interference, adjusting network parameters to mitigate its impact and ensure clear, reliable communication for all users.
Auto Frequency Planning
Optimizing Frequency Allocation for Legacy Networks
The Auto Frequency Planning SON module (2G) automates the frequency planning process for 2G networks, ensuring optimal frequency allocation and minimizing interference. This solution is particularly beneficial in regions where 2G is still widely used, providing efficient and reliable service.
Special Event Real-time Optimization
Enhancing Network Performance During Large Events
The Special Event Real-time Optimization SON solution dynamically adjusts network parameters to handle the high demand during mass events like concerts or sports games. This module operates in real-time (for vendors that support this feature) and includes pre-event and post-event optimization capabilities. Optimizing network performance before, during, and after the event ensures that attendees experience seamless connectivity despite the surge in traffic.
Cell Outage Detection and Compensation
Maintaining Service During Cell Outages
The Cell Outage, Detection, and Compensation SON module automatically detects cell outages, reconfigures neighboring cells, and applies electrical tilt changes to cover the affected area. This solution ensures minimal disruption and maintains service quality, crucial for emergencies and user trust.
Automatic Performance Reports
Streamlining Network Performance Analysis
The Automatic Performance Reports SON module generates detailed analyses of network performance, providing operators with insights into various metrics. This solution helps identify trends, pinpoint issues, and plan improvements, ensuring the network remains efficient and reliable.
Real-Time Alerts
Proactive Network Management
The Real-Time Alerts feature of our SON modules notifies network operators of critical events and anomalies as they happen, enabling immediate action. This proactive approach empowers MNOs to maintain network integrity and prevent issues from escalating, ensuring consistent service quality.
API Integrations
Integrating Third-Party Solutions
The API module, a testament to the flexibility of our SON solutions, allows for seamless integration of third-party solutions and applications, enhancing the network management system's functionality. APIs enable you to customize and extend your network's capabilities according to your specific needs, putting you in control of your network solutions.
SDK (Operator-Specific Module via SDK)
Customizing Network Solutions
The SDK module provides operators the tools to develop custom SON modules tailored to their unique requirements. This operator-specific module effectively addresses operational challenges, enhancing overall network performance and efficiency.
Intelligent Energy Saving
Reducing Operational Costs
The Intelligent Energy Saving SON solution optimizes energy consumption across the network, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. This module adjusts power usage based on traffic patterns, ensuring energy is used efficiently without compromising service quality.
Load Balancing
Optimizing Network Load During Peak Hours
The Load Balancing SON module helps distribute network traffic evenly across available resources. This solution prevents congestion and ensures optimal performance during peak hours, maintaining service quality and improving user experience even when network demand is high. It plays a crucial role in effectively managing mobile network traffic.
Capacity Optimization
Maximizing Network Efficiency
The Capacity Optimization SON module actively ensures efficient utilization of network resources to maximize capacity and performance. This solution continuously monitors and adjusts network parameters to achieve peak efficiency, delivering reliable service to all users.
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Self-Organizing Network solution use cases and references

World’s largest SON deployment: Innovile’s SON solution is immensely scalable as demonstrated by the world’s largest Tier-1 SON deployment in Russia. Covering six time zones, more than 1 million network elements, and 80 million customers, this complex project resulted in great network alignment and performance improvements. Innovile remains the partner of choice to continue to optimize this vast network as it evolves across its distributed operations.

Combined solutions for maximum benefit: Innovile provides a combination of Configuration Management, Network Operation, and Self Organizing Network solutions to a Tier-1 Operator in Portugal. This creates a harmonized solution for the operator who was looking for simplicity and end-to-end automated network management capabilities.

Experience breeds speed: A Tier-1 Ukrainian Operator partnered with Innovile to deploy SON network-wide in just 3 months spotlighting the out-of-the-box interfaces and great teamwork that speed up implementation and keep costs low. Immediate results were seen with significant performance improvements in key quality and capacity metrics over GSM, UMTS, and LTE technologies.

SON Use Case & Reference


The World’s Self Organizing Network market size is getting bigger. There are major SON solution providers and Innovile is one of the leading vendors.

Technological investments in 5G and 4G networks increased demand for smartphones and computers. Communication needs tremendously increased and it also affected wireless connectivity. High penetration of internet services and connected devices created more complex networks by increasing the number of small cells. Self-Organizing Network solution helps MNOs to pinpoint the network faults and automatically correct the mistakes and decreases OPEX and CAPEX costs, reduces the number of drop calls, increases throughputs and network capacity. Complex network environment enlarged the Global Self-Organizing network market, and it is expected to reach USD 15087.29 million by 2029, registering a CAGR of 13.30% during the forecast period of 2022-2029. Innovile is one of the biggest market players in the global Self-organizing network with the largest SON deployment.

Mobile Network Operators have zero-carbon targets for a livable future and sustainable development. The solutions like a Self-Organizing Network can help significantly reduce energy consumption through its Energy Saving (ES) module by utilizing historic data to predict usage and adjust or suspend cells/carriers to save energy. Innovile targets 5% energy savings with its’ Zero-Touch Network Automation and AI algorithms features.

The Self-Organizing Network (SON) solution is tailored to meet the specific requirements of USA Cellular Network Operators, particularly as they embrace advanced 5G technology. SON helps operators by:

  • Optimizing Network Performance: SON continually optimizes 5G network parameters to ensure fast, reliable, and low-latency connections.
  • Dynamic Resource Allocation: It efficiently manages network resources, adapting to the demands of various applications and devices.
  • Improved Coverage: SON enhances 5G coverage, even in challenging environments, by adjusting antenna configurations and power levels.
  • Cost Savings: Automation reduces operational costs while efficiently managing large-scale 5G deployments.
  • Rapid Issue Resolution: SON detects and resolves network issues proactively, maintaining a high-quality user experience.
  • User Experience: It ensures a seamless 5G experience by optimizing resources and minimizing disruptions.
  • Compliance and Security: SON assists operators in meeting local regulations and maintaining network security.
  • Scalability: SON scales efficiently to accommodate the growth of 5G networks.

In essence, SON empowers USA Cellular Network Operators to deliver the full potential of 5G technology, optimizing performance, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance and security in their networks.

To learn more about how this innovative solution addresses the unique challenges and needs of US operators, please explore our in-depth article: Unlock Unprecedented Network Efficiency with the Revolutionary SON Solution for US Mobile Operators. This resource provides a comprehensive overview of the advantages and features that make this SON solution a game-changer for cellular network operators in the USA.

The Area Code Optimizer, a key SON solution, enhances network performance by efficiently managing area codes based on user distribution and traffic patterns within a SON network. This self-organizing network module reduces call drops and improves overall service quality, ensuring optimal performance in urban areas.
Cross Finder, an essential SON module, identifies and resolves crossed connections within a self-organizing network. It ensures seamless communication and enhances user satisfaction in complex network environments such as airports or large campuses, making it a vital component of any SON network.
The Mobility Robustness Optimization SON module optimizes handover parameters within a self-organizing network to maintain robust connections. This SON solution provides a smooth communication experience for users in high-speed transit scenarios, significantly reducing call drops.
Coverage Optimization, a crucial SON module, adjusts network parameters within a self-organizing network to enhance signal strength and coverage. This SON solution ensures that even remote locations receive adequate service, improving network reach in rural areas.
Interference Detection is an integral part of a SON network that continuously monitors and adjusts network parameters within a self-organizing network. This SON module minimizes the impact of signal interference, ensuring reliable and clear communication for all users in dense environments.

Auto Frequency Planning, a specialized SON module, automates frequency allocation within a self-organizing network. This SON solution minimizes interference and ensures efficient, reliable service in regions where legacy networks are still in use, optimizing overall network performance.

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