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Innovile SMART Projects – A Brilliant Software-Based Combination Of Network Management And Service Assurance Expertise For Rapid And Precise Results

Innovile SMART Projects combine the knowledge and skills of our service assurance experts with our advanced network management software tools as a unified project. SMART Projects deliver exceptional results in a short time. We cover network audits, troubleshooting, design & planning, configuration, and optimization, amongst other important needs. SMART Projects help bridge the gap between network operator capabilities and the resources required to achieve better network performance, quickly.

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The powerful combination of expertise and leading technology to assure timely results.
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Using our software to process a volume and depth of data that is infeasible manually improving cost-effectiveness of projects.
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Our expert approach and enhanced processing capability mean we can find and implement more improvement opportunities.
Our technology enhances consulting expertise by providing real data to evidence the need for, and the result of change.

Benefits Of Combining Specialist Software with Network Management Experts

Native Platform Expertise

Native Platform Expertise

Innovile platform network management experts have native experience and expertise with the Innovile solution stack, besides extensive network management consulting experience, giving them an edge over third-party vendors or implementation teams. Our team of service assurance experts, deeply involved in developing our solutions, can quickly and efficiently deliver on agreed objectives.

Faster Solution Implementation

Faster Solution Implementation

A combination of our software tools and in-house network management experts with network management consulting experience delivers exceptionally fast project times. No time is lost with training, orientation, or onboarding. Once contracted, we hit the ground running and can perform a network configuration audit, performance health check, and temporary and real-time capacity management for high-traffic density events.

Critical Analysis of Needs

Critical Analysis of Needs

Innovile service assurance experts have an in-depth understanding of our software tools, giving them a unique perspective in analyzing and defining your network management needs. Through an audit process, we can uncover mission-critical issues and utilize our software tools quickly to determine the problem and find a solution. This approach avoids third-party technology vendors' challenges when matching customer needs with product capabilities.

Rapid and Precise Results

Rapid and Precise Results

Innovile SMART Projects deliver rapid and precise results based on any or all of our solution stack. Typical projects focus on specific network challenges and do not demand full system integration. Our experts help to drive the project specification and delivery methodology to maximize benefits versus cost. Quick and lasting wins.

Specialized Project Management

Specialized Project Management

In-house engineers and PMs with network management consulting experience on similar projects deploy and manage every SMART Project. Such expertise and experience ensure every project we undertake runs smoothly, delivers on objectives, and concludes successfully. Utilizing our SMART projects ensures a right-fit team to assess and deliver on defined improvement goals.

Shorter MttR Cycles

Shorter MttR Cycles

Whatever the use case or the scenario, Innovile SMART projects significantly shorten mean time to resolution (MttR) cycles. MNOs can expect to resolve network issues and deploy mission-critical benefits faster and more efficiently.

Smart projects from innovile

We provide a range of SMART Project services to meet specific objectives and overcome both common and unique client challenges. Here we feature a handful of high-level examples to whet the appetite! Please contact us for your own needs and we will happily advise.

Network configuration Audit uses network live parameter values. It compares the value with Mobile Operator Golden parameter sets and Innovile well known performing values. Both results are shared and if it is requested auto parameter value correction is done by Innovile modules. Since network complexity increases rapidly, these checks are used to make sure correct network values are used. RAN network checks are provided, the content can be extended to different network modules and elements.

In the networks, there are several interworking elements and functionalities. To be able to check network health, Innovile modules collect whole network data, like parameters, statistics, alarm data and call traces. By correlating and analyzing this data, we readily find issues in the network. Inter-vendor checks are especially important to find and fix as they can degrade network quality and it is difficult to detect. A wide range of checks are provided like inter-vendor, inter-technology, feature states, wrong value sets, etc.

Network capacity audit provides valuable information about network bottlenecks in terms of required and existing network resources. Performance management and Configuration management data is used to produce insights along with long term network capacity prediction data. Network capacity depends on several items and each of them such as RAN network capacity, transport network capacity are investigated and reported in a combined way. For capacity predictions, Machine Learning and algorithmic models are created for the specific operator needs to enable predictions.

A Network Performance Data is collected along with configuration management data. For each vendor technology predefined KPI analysis is undertaken. For specific problems, vendor or mobile operator formulas are used to pinpoint problems in the network. For bad or low performing network elements, parameters and configuration data are checked. The goals are decided by the client with our expert guidance and the SMART project is tailored to deliver the performance analysis and changes required.

Several modules are used for network optimization tasks. Based on vendor technology, specific algorithms are performed, such as PCI-RSI optimization for LTE and 5G, or PSC optimization for UMTS. For optimization cases, parameter and statistical data is used. In the default list, coverage optimization scenarios, tilt optimization, LAC/TAC optimization are performed, and more can be done if needed. A list of recommendations are produced and many can be implemented automatically if required. Optimization scenarios can be selected based on operator existing problems.


MNOs uses big data analytics to perform better network optimization, perform predictive analysis by AI algorithms, analyze and determine customer impacting problems, attract new customers, prevent fraud, create better pricing strategies, and establish network automation.
Innovile develops important network management and optimization solutions to help MNOs simplify and provide data-driven insights into their networks.

SON is a set of components and functions that automate network configuration, performance optimization, fault diagnostics, and self-healing of mobile telecoms/cellular networks at the macro-and micro-level. Self-Organizing Network (SON) can power crucial network operation functions, including ANR (Automatic Neighbor Relation), CAC (Consistency Audit and Correction), CCO (Coverage and Capacity Optimization), and BCCH, PSC, and PSI optimization.

INNTELLIGENT SON forms the basis of the Innovile Zero-touch Network Automation suite.

Mobile network design and planning is the process of concept, sizing, design, implementation, and testing to assure network function to the required cost, coverage, and performance standards. It designs and creates the infrastructure needed to operate.
Innovile provides a full-service portfolio as consulting or managed services models to lead or support mobile network planning.

An operations support system (OSS) is software that enables a Mobile Network Operator to monitor, control, analyze and manage services in its network. Innovile provides multi-vendor, multi-technology network performance and optimization services to help manage OSS systems of MNOs’ efficiently.

Network Performance Management combines data from network elements and monitoring tools, intelligently normalizing, deduplicating, filtering, and correlating data, alerts, and events to generate meaningful views, reducing event noise by up to 99%. Good network performance management tools, like INNSIGHT, also provide options to automate remedial actions.

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