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Simplified network operations and fully automated optimisation

Mobile network management and optimisation has never been so easy and cost-effective. Innovile’s future-proof solutions and state-of-the-art expert services make a real difference to mobile network performance, boosting customer experience and driving down costs. Whether you are building out 4G, planning or migrating to 5G, or simply trying to improve capacity and quality of legacy networks, Innovile has got you covered.

Explore our solutions and services

Automated NOC solutions for consolidated mobile operations – streamline network management and optimisation practices.

• Success stories and customer wins – the story of possibly the world’s largest SON deployment so far and the big gains Innovile has helped to bring.

• Solution powered services and in-depth expertise that drives network optimisation and quality quick-wins with tangible, cost-effective and rapid outcomes that your customers and your CFO will notice!

Innovile Self Organising Network Management

Automated network optisimation and management at your fingertips with fully or partially automated and open algorithms for ready adjustment as needed.

Innovile Configuration Management

Unified Network configuration and management across all technologies and vendors, simplifying operations, eliminating errors and reducing costs.

Innovile Performance Management

KPI and metrics tracking and tracking management toolset, a component in each of our solutions or as a stand-alone option.

Innovile Expert Services

Spectrum re-farming planning and execution, capacity optimization, geolocatition network analytics, neighbour audits, configuration health-check and many more specialist services that ensure rapid results with immediate, tangible benefits.

See the difference first hand at our booth 5/5F61

Send your meeting request to to book a meeting during the event.

MWC Barcelona is the largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology for mobile networks. As you would expect, Innovile is again exhibiting in this industry leading event and will show how our network management, automation and optimisation solutions and services not only make magic happen with current technologies, but also enable the path to 5G, moving legacy systems to better-automated solutions.

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