Ahmet ÖZTÜRK, R&D Director

The lives of all of us have changed due to the sudden Pandemic. While humanity striving to cope with the new normal, user habits and consumption patterns have also changed in the Telecom sector, as in every sector. Now the speed of accessing information and / or data is requested almost simultaneously. Under all these conditions, CSPs have increased their efforts to develop automations that do not require human intervention and to work with intelligent algorithms that will respond to this speed. Mobile network operators were already struggling with multi-vendor, human dependent networks along with lack of experienced vendor engineers and resource management. Dealing with existing network challenges and plus 5G network adaptations forces mobile network operators to transform their business models to be more intelligent and autonomous. Achieving these goals are no longer difficult and complex with Innovile’s new automation-driven architectural structure that will respond the autonomous zero-touch network operation needs of CSPs.

“Innovile empowered its Self-Organizing Network platform with AI(Artificial Intelligence) and ML(Machine Learning) algorithms to provide fully automated, flexible and end-to-end network optimization solutions for enabling superior network performance to CSPs.”

Incorporating with Innovile’s network optimization solutions, Performance Management (PM), Configuration Management (CM), Self-Organizing Network (SON), and Fault Management (FM), Innovile developed network system with AI and ML algorithms to automate the functionalities that will meet the goals of communications service providers’ self-organizing, self-healing and self-optimizing requirements. While performance management solution takes snapshots of the network and statistically reflects the existing network fatalities, configuration management helps the CSPs to configure and manage the network with auto driven, predictive correction actions and zero-touch network operations for complex daily activities. Innovile empowered its Self-Organizing Network platform with AI and ML algorithms to provide fully automated, flexible and end-to-end network optimization solutions for enabling superior network performance to CSPs. Self-Organizing network platform runs on open architecture to instantly establish correct neighbor relations, frequency and code optimization in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, makes consistency-check and auto correction, coverage and capacity optimization and mobility load balancing. It also provides auto plug and play module, self-healing, energy saving and mobility robustness optimization with its rich dashboard interface and graphical reports. Fault Management solution provides monitoring for real time network problems and takes automated actions for known alarms and issues to solve them immediately, while these known alarms are automatically enriched in time thanks to AI.

Innovile’s open architecture allows its solutions to be configured to suit various network characteristics and operator’s individual requirements. The modular solution structure and common architecture makes it possible to create different solutions packages for the CSPs’ needs. Innovile provides best of breed solutions even for the complex networks with its custom and easy-to-use modules. Model based configuration is one of the key differentiators for Innovile’s solutions as modifications and new functionalities are easy to implement, in shorter duration compared to industry standards.

Even though the autonomous zero touch network concept needs plenty of standardization and processes to be available for CSPs, Innovile solutions would be an entry point for the near future to be prepared and get benefits of this complex and yet theoretical concept sooner.

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