Innovile Focused Services

Innovile Focused Services

Are you ready for 5G?
Harness the benefits of Innovile’s solutions combined with 20+ years of dedicated domain expertise to sustain superior network management and optimisation outcomes!
Innovile offers three focused service packs:

Overcome the challenges of technology evolution effectively with Innovile Spectrum Management & Refarming Consultancy!
As mobile networks transform, the legacy technologies become underutilised. In order to maintain additional capacity for the new technology without destroying the previous service standards, refarming the existing spectrum (GSM/UMTS) is key.

Innovile Spectrum Management & Refarming Consultancy enables the mobile network operators:

  • To analyse the existing spectrum and define the best scenario for refarming activities in terms of cost and quality perspective
  • To deliver the right capacity, power and neighbour strategies to maintain a well-optimised network after refarming
  • To ensure refarming activities have minimal impact on the network quality and achieve same level or better customer experience
  • To determine and solve inconsistencies, cross-feeder, worst cells, interference, VIP Complaint issues taking full responsibility from start to end

Fix the inconsistencies in your network and boost your efficiency with Innovile Custom Smart Optimisation!
Building an automated process to eliminate the inconsistencies in the network and creating a right on target optimisation model in a cost-effective way call for an end-to-end network management approach.

Innovile Custom Smart Optimisation empowers the mobile network operators with:

  • Multi-vendor operability
  • Multi-technology support
  • Speedy delivery within 2 to 4 weeks time
  • Flexible and configurable as per customer demand
  • No additional integration or license fee within the service fee

Ensure the quality of your network and offer your customers an exceptional experience with Innovile Enhanced Customer Experience!
In order to assure the quality of the network and maintain customer’ experience at the highest level, repetitive radio network measurements are the common practices for mobile network operators. However, these could be a big bottleneck for the mobile network operators in terms of money and time spent. To overcome these challenge, Innovile offers a new service pack to minimise the amount of the field tests by utilising measurements from user equipment (UE).

Innovile Enhanced Customer Experience helps the mobile network operators:

  • To monitor the network performance at customer and subcriber group level in terms of accessibility, retainability and integrity by fast and cost-effective solution
  • To pinpoint predefined customers’ (VIP or corporate) problems and get them solved quickly and properly to prevent churns

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