Innovile has signed a seven-year contract with a leading Russian operator to help it effectively manage its network performance. The operator will use Innovile’s self-organising network (SON) solution to standardise and optimise a multi-technology, multi-vendor mobile network spanning the whole of Russia, from Europe to the Pacific Ocean – including seven branches across 11 different time zones. The implementation is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2018 and includes 13 SON modules (see editor notes).

Innovile has also recently signed contracts with leading tier one operators in both Turkey and Ukraine demonstrating the innovation that the company is driving in the SON market.

The Russian operator’s network currently consists of 800,000 2G, 3G and 4G cells and is projected to grow to one million cells in the next five years. As the operator has expanded through the acquisition of several smaller operators, its network is a complex combination of diverse technologies from multiple vendors, including more than 20 different operations support systems (OSS). Implementing Innovile’s centralised SON solution will allow the operator to standardise and streamline the network structure across its network and apply consistent rules to meet the strict KPIs for its 77 million subscribers.

The Innovile solution has allowed the operator to tailor the optimisation modules according to their specifications. They have been able to directly apply their expertise in network optimization to the network, in a way that was not previously possible due to conflicting demands on the RF engineers’ time.

Ahmet Ozturk, Co-founder, Innovile says: “We’re excited to help our customer transform its network and service in what is one of the largest SON projects ever. As operators’ networks become increasingly more challenging and costly to manage, self-organising networks can significantly boost network performance and quality of service, which ultimately results in a better experience for the customer.”

Tier one operators, including Vodafone, Turkcell, Turk Telekom, ALBtelecom in Albania, Lifecell in Ukraine, Bite Group in Lithuania and NOS in Portugal, use Innovile network management solutions.