MegaFon to implement ‘Innovile Self Organising Network (SON)’ to optimise their extensive mobile network

Innovile, the global provider of network management and optimisation solutions, deploys Self Organising Network (SON) solution to leading Russian mobile operator, MegaFon, to help effectively manage its network performance. MegaFon selected Innovile following a detailed tender process and a successful, intensive trial. MegaFon’s network currently consists of around 800,000 2G, 3G and 4G cells and is projected to exceed one million cells in the next five years. Comprised of multiple acquisitions, MegaFon’s network is a complex combination of technologies from many vendors, including more than 20 different Operational Support Systems (OSS). Innovile’s SON is being used to simplify and standardise operations and optimise the multi-technology, multi-vendor network across Russia, spanning eight branches and eleven time zones and covering around 77 million subscribers. The implementation is scheduled to be completed Q1 2019 and includes fourteen SON modules. Currently deployed modules are already bringing noticeable performance benefits to network quality. Mikhail Karakulin, CTO of Moscow Region MegaFon stated: “We are impressed with the flexibility and modularity of Innovile’s SON solution and appreciate the speed with which Innovile responds to our needs. The solution not only allows us to tailor the optimization modules according to our network policies but has also demonstrated noticeable KPI improvement. Innovile’s experience in the network optimisation and automation space ensures that MegaFon will be ready for our next generation network evolution with network-embedded automation”. Ahmet Ozturk, Co-founder and Director of R&D, Innovile added: “We’re excited to help MegaFon transform its network and service in what is one of the largest and most complex SON projects ever. As operators’ networks become increasingly complex, challenging and costly to manage, proven SON solutions will help to boost performance and quality of service. The result is a better customer experience and improved operational efficiency, reducing costs. In times of intense competition, these factors can be business-critical to manage customer churn and sustain profitability”.

Innovile is the leading global independent provider of smart network management and optimisation solutions and services. Leveraging dedicated industry expertise and state-of-the-art technological capabilities, Innovile provides a wide range of innovative and future-proof portfolio of self-organising network management, configuration management, performance management and expert services that empowers mobile network operators with real-time network intelligence and operational dynamics to streamline their business to improve customer experience, boost efficiency and unlock revenues. The company is headquartered in Izmir, Turkey, has a branch office in Barcelona and representation in Istanbul, Madrid and Bogota.

MegaFon aspires to stay ahead of an ever changing world, opening up new opportunities to be the number one choice for all their customers. As one of the key players in the industry, MegaFon helps to create the new digital world to make life better for each subscriber. MegaFon provide services across all telecoms market segments, voice, mobile data, fixed-line telecommunications services, digital TV, IP telephony, and innovative services including mobile TV and OTT video-content, financial and mobile advertising services, M2M, Big Data, convergent services, and cloud solutions.
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