Big Data Analytics

Data-driven companies are ruling the world for sure and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are shaping the future of big data analytics. Tremendous amount of data has been analyzed every day to understand the root cause origins of the problems and to provide the best customer experience. Network and service analysis are part of data analysis and play a vital role for CSPs. Data analytics bolster CSPs to increase profitability by optimizing network usage and services, enhancing customer experience, and improving security.


The big question is how CSPs can deal with this giant amount of data. Innovile’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms help CSPs to make insightful analysis of this big data through its Performance Management, Fault Management, Configuration Management, and SON Platforms. Innovile automatically applies AI and ML algorithms on large scales of data received from multiple resources to generate deep analysis about the detection of network trends and anomalies, the root cause analysis and correlations, performance of the network, and service quality. Gathering these automated and actionable insights enables CSPs to easily boost their efficiency and provide the best possible services. Timely intervention to the network outage and alarms has been playing a critical role for the virtualization of 5G operations as well as for legacy networks. Clustering similar faults and alarms and historically correlating those help CSPs to focus on and prioritize important alarms while reducing the number of alarms thresholds and relevant service time.