Cloud is the rising star for especially continuous operation processes since the last 10 years. For personal and small sized companies, the main advantage of global cloud services is the reduction of hardware investment. This resulting effect brings flexibility, scaling and nearly instant reply to demands like new server, database, network (VLAN) installations. For the enterprise companies, hybrid and private clouds save the lives of IT departments with advantages of public clouds, and improve the security focus within their local networks, eliminating exposure of private information on the internet. Innovile provides cloud native, Software Defined Network (SDN) compatible, microservice structure solutions to reduce integration and maintenance costs and help the IT department of CSP to be in control of deployment processes.

CSPs are changing their backbones with cloud native approach, microservices, and containers to take advantage of the following benefits:

Fast Response

The cloud native is achieved by a microservice architecture which yields functional software units that can be developed and deployed independently. The result is a fast-converging software solution that easily copes with the emerging needs of customers at the age of 5G.

No Downtime

Another big advantage that the microservice structure provides is the minimum downtime during version upgrades. In classic software deployments, the whole system should be closed and updated entirely. In a cloud environment, only the required microservices are addressed, and the entire operation is not affected.

Flexible Infrastructure

When you need a better server, it’s only a basic configuration change that you are doing in the panel. When you need to move to another cloud supplier, you can do it instantly and save OPEX to your company. Better options are easy to be replaced within cloud suppliers, and it gives great leverage to organizations.

Innovile Cloud Native Offerings

Innovile provides vendor-technology free solutions for its end users. Therefore, the engineering department is not bothered with vendor complexity and is able to focus more on its area of expertise. Similarly, Innovile provides cloud-native, database and operating system independent, microservice structure solutions to reduce integration and maintenance costs and help the IT department of CSP to be in control of deployment processes.

Innovile Software Development Team practices Scrum mindset and uses Agile methodology in its periodic sprints. While continuous integration and development are done in the Innovile domain, continuous deployment can be connected to this cycle via hybrid cloud directly or via containerized integrations with Docker systems for private clouds of our CSPs. Our web-based solutions can be scalable on multiple servers with load balancing options, so even Tier 1 operators can benefit from performance stability and fast response times.

Innovile solutions are built with Software Defined Network compatible multiple layers on the software side where most layers are communicated with microservice structure in the background. These microservices can also be opened to third party external systems where CSPs can integrate to their existing solutions.