Internet of Things (IoT)

Developments in LTE and 5G created exponential growth in IoT devices, and it is expected there will be more than 64B IoT devices worldwide by 2025. 127 new IoT devices connect to the internet every second. Internet connected devices are not only in the houses but also in factories, hospitals, schools, farms, highways, parking lots, and markets. Connectivity opens a world of new possibilities along with challenges for CSPs. 5G has already beaten up LTE on the three most important parameters — speed, latency, and reliability. CSPs are configuring their network with the new technology and its promising zero-latency. Right at this point, Innovile helps CSPs to do a better network management and optimization with the Self-Organizing Network Platform. Automatic Neighbor Relationship (ANR) module of the Self-Organizing Network Platform creates better neighborhoods and eliminates wrong handovers, while capacity and coverage optimization module (CCO) adjusts the tilt angles of cells or the strength according to the specified parameters of CSP’s KPIs and quality of experience. CCO performs frequency-territory scheduling optimization and enables the best possible coverage. On the other hand, Code Optimization (CO) module calculates interference calculation algorithms and assigns them to on-air cells to change the parameters of BCCH/BSIC, PSC, PCI, and RSI. In conclusion, Innovile SON Platform responds to the speed, network latency, and reliability issues of CSPs and their particular needs concerning the quality of experience on IoT.