Ukraine’s Mobile Network Operator Uses INNSPIRE Configuration Management System

A major mobile network operator (MNO) in Ukraine, with around 14m customers, was experiencing challenges with homemade systems used in network management. The software they had developed lacked flexibility and with the limited resources available to develop and maintain it, the system did not meet expectations.

In 2015, Innovile implemented our INNSPIRE Configuration Management system to simplify and enhance the management of 2G and 3G networks. So impressive were the results that the system was upgraded in 2017 to include 4G across two different network vendors. Working in collaboration with our client to cater to local challenges, feed product roadmap and address futureproofing needs, we continued to enhance INNSPIRE ensuring that they remain ahead of the opportunity to improve network performance and reduce costs.

With INNSPIRE implemented across RAN and Core network components, we were able to halve the number of errors and issues experienced. Common issues such as incorrect regional or local parameter settings, and lengthy change management cycles, became a thing of the past. Of course, this led to notable improvements in network quality and customer experience, at a lower operational cost, which is why they remain a loyal customer today.

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