Innovile-Spain is proud to announce its full membership in ETSI.

ETSI is a leading standardization organization for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards fulfilling European and global market needs, with a mission focused on providing platforms for interested parties to work together to produce standards for ICT systems and services that are used globally.

“Innovile-Spain’s ETSI membership is the natural outcome of our expertise with our smart network automation solutions Innovile Performance Management (PM), Configuration Management (CM), Self-Organizing Network (SON) and Fault Management (FM) for mobile network operators” said Innovile’s CEO Mr. Erdal Köklü. “We will continuously share our knowledge and expertise to harmonize the standards of autonomous/zero-touch network requirements which works with AI and ML algorithms to provide fully automated, flexible and end-to-end network optimization solutions to enable superior network performance for Communications Service Providers worldwide.”